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Ely Mass with Frs. Heyne and Rissling


This Mass is hosted by the CMRI which is an international organisation of Priests and Bishops who deliver Masses across the world.

The two priests who will serve this Mass: Fr. Heyne and Fr. Rissling are based in Europe and make trips to the UK on a regular basis in order to serve Mass in Ely. The Mass in the UK is hosted and organised by the 1570 Society. Details of this society and its history and the apostolic lineage of the two priests can be found here.

Full details of the CMRI's theological position can be found here.

As the venue is private, rented and has a limited capacity, the organisers would like to be contacted by people who intend to attend Mass so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.

The key contact for the Ely Mass is a Mr. Patrick Bright:

01353 649472 

Time & Location

Confessions: 1:15 PM

Mass: 2:30 PM

Next Mass:



For location details, please contact Mr. Patrick Bright.

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