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Wells - Glastonbury

Summer Pilgrimage

28th August 2023

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  • The route of the pilgrimage is from Wells Cathedral to Glastonbury Abbey in particular commemoration of the English Martyrs.

  • The pilgrimage will commence at Wells Cathedral and end at Glastonbury Abbey where mass will be served by Fr. Morgan.

  • A special route has been planned/designed with various meeting points for people of varying degrees of strength. The route is so designed that people can join the pilgrimage at earlier or later stages depending on their ability.

Start at Wells Cathedral at 10 AM

Finish at Glastonbury Abbey (with Mass) at 3PM

Full details of the route can be found below...

(or click here)

Glastonbury Pilgrimage 2022

A handful of photos from last year's pilgrimage

Download The Full Route Map Here:

Route 1/4

Meeting Place – Wells Cathedral, main doors, at 10am,

(Prayers led by Father Morgan).


Stage One (2.3km): From Wells Cathedral (OS 552456) to the end of the Strawberry Line (Junction with A371)

(OS 563445)


In Honour of the last Catholic Bishop of Bath & Wells, Gilbert Bourne, Martyr


From the main doors of the Cathedral, walk left through an archway onto Market Square. Turn left through another archway for the Bishop’s Palace and turn right, walking alongside the mote. Turn right at the sign ‘to the Tor,’ and immediately left through a metal gate. Take the right fork across a field and before the woodland take a sharp right path towards Morrisons. At the T-junction, turn left and look out for a (second) metal gate on the right side of the pathway, which takes you into a wood. Bear left under a bridge and join the disused Strawberry Line (now a woodland path). Follow the path for 1km to the T-junction.



Route 2/4

Stage Two (2.3km): From the end of the Strawberry Line (OS 563445) to Launcherley Farm Cross Roads (OS 549431)


In Honour of the Martyrs of the Western Rising, (1549AD)


Turn right at the T-junction, walk under a concrete bridge (A371) and follow the track down to a main road, (Do not take the uphill path on the left!). Cross the main road and turn left, look out for the resumption of Cycle Route 3, 100m further along on the right-hand side. Take the Cycle route, Greenway Farm is a landmark 200m along on the right. Turn left at the T-junction (look out for a great view of the Tor), all the time following Cycle Route 3, down to Launcherley Farm Cross Roads.



Route 3/4

Stage Three (5.2km): From Launcherley Farm Cross Roads (OS 549431) to the A39 ‘Tin Bridge’ Roundabout (OS 512406)


In Honour of St Thomas More, Martyr


Follow Cycle Route 3 through Launcherley. Take the right turn onto Long Drove (a long straight road of 3km), across Queen’s Sedge Moor. At the end of the road, turn left, keeping to the cycle route, which ends at the A39 ‘Tin Bridge’ roundabout. Continue over the roundabout onto Wells Road. The first right is Sharpham Road with a green space in front of a children’s play area.



Route 4/4

Stage Four (2.5 km): From the A39 ‘Tin Bridge’ Roundabout - Sharpham Road (OS 512406) to Glastonbury Abbey (OS 502387)


In Honour of the last Abbot of Glastonbury, Blessed Richard Whiting, Martyr


Follow the Wells Road up the hill, passing a cemetery on the left and a pub, called ‘The Wagon & Horses’ on the right. Turn right down Glastonbury High Street and walk to the bottom of the hill. Turn left and you have arrived at Glastonbury Abbey.

Arrival at Glastonbury Abbey


We have been given a group discounted rate of £7.50 for adults and £5.50 for children, reference CH/EC436 but we will need to enter and pay together as one group. Payments can be collected in cash on the day or sent after the event, details to be arranged. Mass will be celebrated in the Lady Chapel at 3pm.

Return Journey: Glastonbury to Wells

There are Buses to Wells from the bus stop across the road from the Abbey entrance and also along the High Street.

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